Assessment Maturity Model

A descriptive model that provides a way for organizations' executives and managers to monitor, chart and improve their use of assessments.

Improve Data Management in the Development Area

This page is designed to assist you develop your organization to improve data in the Development Area.

In the Assessment Development Area there are broad categories of data associated with Items and Assessments. By improving your data management your organization will be able to re-use items and assessments that could potentially improve quality and efficiencies.

The following matrix might help you improve your data management:

Score your organization's data management Items Assessments
Items stored so that they can be re-used in assessments 0 - 100% n/a
Uniquely identified to allow use across the enterprise. 0 - 100% 0 - 100%
Stored in a way that items and/or assessments can be re-used in different programs. 0 - 100% 0 - 100%
Constructed and stored in a way to provide unique results so that they can be referenced across the enterprise. 0 - 100% 0 - 100%